Please Help agressive baby panther

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Please can anybody help me my baby panther has been very aggressive, he's been hissing at me with his mouth right open I've tried hand feeding to gain his trust he turn a little bit black and goes off aggressively will he be like this as he grows older


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So this is a moment of hard truth that you might have to face. Despite the friendly chameleons you've seen in videos online or maybe even seen in a pet store or reptile show, not every cham, panther or otherwise is gonna be totally chill. My panther hated my guts for several months until I got him to feed from tongs that I held very far from my body for the first time.

Just be patient, and absolutely do not force the issue of handling or feeding with your cham or it'll get too stressed.


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@Cianb , this is the exact same question you asked previously. You even got some answers from the same helpful forum members. Patience is needed from you to help your animal see you as something other than a threat and even then there is no guarantee that they will ever actually be comfortable being held.

I am locking this thread so if you have any other questions about this issue please continue the discussion in the original thread so there is less confusion.
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