Please help— sick Jackson baby!


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I posted recently about a huge lump that has appeared under the tail (near vent) towards the left side of my Jackson’s. I’m really worried. Today he ate, but threw up one of his crickets early on. And now he’s clinging to a vine with his eyes closed and his hands looking kind of loosely gripped. It’s midday here now so he shouldn’t be sleeping. He’s not super responsive and looks really unwell. I don’t have any way to get to a reptile vet and I don’t know what to do for him. Please help if you have any info.

About his set up:
He has an exoterra screen cage with the dual light kit. Ambient temp here in Hawaii is around 85-87f lately, so I've left the heat light off and just leave the UV lamp bc it’s so hot. We mist him by hand at least 5x a day with filtered spring water.

His diet is mostly crickets from petco and I gutload with cricket crack and a revolving wet component like collard /mustard greens, hibiscus flowers, bellpeppers, mango, carrot occasionally...
He was eating every day before the past couple days, about 4-5 small crickets or 10-15 pinheads.



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I wish I had a suggestion for you. The going to the vet is all I can think to do. It must be some kind of infection or blockage.
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