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I have just got a vieled chameleon from my brother. She is about a year old and had been pretty neglected. o brought her home thursday, cleaned her out and tried to feed her some locust. She didnt eat. she ate 1 locust fri night and then 1 sat morning. Have just tried to feed her but she is not interested. She is sitting on the branch with her eyes slightly open and her mouth slightly open showing a bit of her tongue. He is a really bright green and slightly yellowish on her tail. Any advise? Should i be worried. Plz help?


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Please post a picture of your cham asap! Also, any info on previous care would be helpful. Your cham sounds as if it could be ill but seeing a picture will better help evaluate. Eyes closed (if it is during the day) is a sign of illness. If your cham was not provided the correct supplements and lighting, temps etc that could effect its well being.


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How old is she? If she's over 5 months she could also be producing eggs (even if she hasn't been with a male).
If she's sitting with her eyes shut then a visit to the vet might be the best idea.
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