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so I’ve been going back and forth about set ups. I have screen cages and just even ordered a 2’x2’x4’. The bottom line is, I don’t care for them. I live in the Midwest and my chameleon will not be outside much. Humidity is a pain, and it just looks bleh overall. I’ve come into contact with a guy that makes snake racks and enclosures. And have talked to him about making a dual chameleon cage. He said he’s made some and is able to. Just wanna hear thoughts on going the plastic route. Top would have screen for lights and such, and debating on making outside walls screen or not. I know air flow is important, but I really wanna get something that looks good. Building from wood is an option but it just never turns out how I want. Picture is said guys work (not chameleon cage)


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The glass Exo Terra's have vents along the front just below the doors. I love them for my bioactive setups and don't see why, if ventilation is added in a similar way, those shouldn't be every bit as good. In fact, built to your specs, even better.
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