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I just a got a new veil and i was wondering do they eat plant leafs or some kind of lettuce at all? If so, how do i go about feeding it lettuce or plants?
Veiled chameleons eat many different plants and greens. I give mine collard greens a few times a week. You can buy these in the grocery store for like $2. I first introduced them by misting the green and letting him drink from it and then placing a small piece of it into his mouth while it was open. Ever since he took that first bite he goes crazy for it. It is funny how they eat plants they get really aggressive with it. Good luck.
Veiled chameleons do eat leaves and greens and even some veggies and fruits once they are about 5 or 6 months its important that any plants you use in their cages are non-toxic and well-washed (both sides of the leaves). They can eat collards, kale, endive, mustard greens, squash, carrot, zucchini, sweet potato, sweet red pepper, etc. They can have a bit of fruit too (pear, apple, melon, berries, etc.) Make sure that the harder veggies are slivered or cut into small pieces because they may have difficulty biting off bits.
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