Plants safe for cats & chameleons


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So, I've been searching plant threads on here but haven't really found a definitive list. I'm trying to basically find one chameleon list i can work off of to compare with a cat safe list to try to identify plants that I could get that wont poison my cats if I have them out of the cage for cleaning. It's hard to do that with threads, is there an actual list-list I'm missing?
I just bought a pothos but now I'm afraid to have it around. Also in his cage fit now is a ponytail plant which he loves and a hoya carnosa I believe, and a staghorn fern and some African violets that I'm rapidly killing. Lol.
They're okay but it's kind of bare up high in the cage, everything I looked at seems to heavy to hang. I was hoping for something with more stability like branches, I was considering hibiscus, but those aren't really safe for cats either. Maybe mulberry, if I could find one?? I think those are safe for both?
Thanks, but I thought I'd seen that list referred to as questionable on other threads. Something about ferns and something else being on it that probably shouldn't be? but again, nothing specific mentioned so that I could just edit a few things off that list and have that new one be the definitive list.
And yeah, you know I tried the cat grass stuff because my morons were eating the FAKE Christmas tree, lol, and they just did not dig the stuff. I hadto tell my husband years ago to stop buying me flowers cause the cats wouldn't leave them alone. That's probably why I'm so excited about decorating this cage, cause I get to have plants again! Lol. Even if they are in a little jail cell. Haha
But yeah I took the Hoya out last night to untie it from the hoop it was attached to so I could spread it out over vines, and the cat was ALL over me, I shoved him away about twenty times in 2 mins. He doesn't take a hint very well. :rolleyes:
Mulberry tree plant

So just to be clear, if I can find one the right size for the cage, that would be an okay plant for the chameleon, right? Since they eat the silkworms that eat it? So hen plus if I left silkies in the cage, they wouldn't starve before the chameleon got around to eating them, it would be a dual-purpose plant then, right? So is it safe?
I would think it to be 100% safe to use a mulberry tree in a cham cage, fruit and leaves are edible. I just dont think they will survive indoors. At work we always plant them in a full sun location. Would be really cool if they could be kept indoor.

Freerange silkies baby!
Exactly! Lol.
Hmm... Even if I have a grow light? Oh well, I could just let it die and use the branches, and then get a new one, even if the light was fine, the silky-chomping will probably kill it anyway. Lol.
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