Plants - Live or Plastic

Plants - Live or Plastic

  • I use live plants

    Votes: 156 37.4%
  • I use fake plants

    Votes: 30 7.2%
  • I use both

    Votes: 231 55.4%

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Hugh Wahl

New Member
Real plants without a doubt. the idea is to mimic natural surroundings right. supply everything that a chamelon would get in the wild (minus the bad stuff). the last time i checked there are no fake plants out there in the jungle lol. the cons far outway the pros.


New Member
Live only. Pothos mostly. Also some very long stemmed grasses. Also branches from a tree I believe chinese elm that can put out leaves even after trimmed if kept moist!


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Types of plants and cages

There are many mentions of live plants helping with the cages' humidity. Will I be able to raise the cage's humidity even if I use an all screen cage?


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You should be able to if you spray it often enough :) it works for us, the pothos are amazing! They keep the chams hydrated and gives them a nice little sleeping/hiding area. Plus lots of room for exercise for climbing.
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