Plants in the Yard... safe?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by opheliaeatsbugs, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. opheliaeatsbugs

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    Ophelia loves to hang out between the slates of my window blinds on the south side which faces my neighbors yard. Before today, I hadn't put 2-and-2 together. But I think she has been planning a way to get over there from day one. Today, she got to spend a little time in the front (backyard is covered in purple nightshade apparently and not safe for O). Instead of being satisfied with her chameleon-safe choice, she climbs down and walks to the neighbors yard. I stayed with her, but let her go - totally curious as to what she was up to. But she obviously had a plan - crossed my yard, their driveway and climbed into this bush/shrub thing. I swear she is the strangest and most wonderful creature. Anyway... does anyone know if these plants are safe for chameleons? I have no idea what they are. The neighbors don't know, either. Thanks in advance :)

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  2. JacksJill

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    image 130310 is plumbago & I don't know about toxicity. image 130314 is society garlic & IDK.
    Image 130317 is Sea Lavender Limonium perezii (Statice perezii) & IDK.
    I can't think of the name of the red flower at all. I wouldn't let her eat any of it.
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  3. poison

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    Hi the red flowers are honey suckles I have large ones in my yard. Idk about the toxicity
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  4. opheliaeatsbugs

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    Thank you @JacksJill and @poison - with the names I can do research!

    She is a prime candidate for a free-range... this girl, I swear. A mind of her own, and knows exactly what she wants. Not afraid of nuthin' or nobody. I'm pretty sure she would walk herself back to Yemen lol

    the neighbors must think I'm crazy...
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  5. AZChamFan

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    Can't help at all with the plants but I LOVE her colors and pattern in that second pic!!!
  6. opheliaeatsbugs

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    Right?? It's kinda why I let her cruise... I haven't seen these patterns since she first tried them on in January. I totally wanted to know what she was up to!
  7. poison

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    Hi, to be exact they are cape honeysuckles I too would like to know if they ar safe
  8. poison

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    They grow nice and big and really fast.

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  9. opheliaeatsbugs

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    Someone will have more info, I'm sure, as it relates specifically to chams... but a little researching on my own makes this look promising. Plus, I will head to my local nursery to have it positively identified (better to be safe...)

    Cape Honeysuckle
    Tecomaria capensis
    attracts butterflies and hummingbirds
    not a true honeysuckle
    evergreen plant
    native to Cape of Good Hope in Africa
    is not poisonous and does not harm birds nesting in it or eating it
    birds eat it in Africa and some birds there live on its nectar
    Toxic to animals - n
    Host for recognized pests and pathogens - n

    Listed here as non-toxic (obviously info is for humans not for chams, so probably it's not relevant) YOUR PLANTS-plant list for CPCS 09B.pdf

    @Extensionofgreen @Nursemaia @Andee
  10. Andee

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    Don't know about cape honeysuckles, but I know without a doubt pumbegos are toxic for most animals, mammals for sure and they don't recommend it for tortoises either. But she didn't seem super interested in it. Society Garlic I don't think would be an issue because of the smell it would put off considering more garlic plants of any type have a slightly garlicy scent.

    I do not think Cape Honeysuckle would be an issue at all if the is what it is. Defenitely get it idenitified for sure at your garden place.
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