Plants for Sven advice wanted


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Hi all,
Sorry haven't posted in awhile bur Sven got really sick for over a month and wasn't doing very well at all. Good news is Sven is better but was touch and go for awhile I ended up force feeding him and he got better and is back to his old self again but I am getting off topic.
I recently finshed his new enclosure that I got many ideas to self build it from members on this site. Anywho my question is i have a Panther Chameleon and i went to home depot's garden centre and bought a few live plants and would like a second opinion if as starter plants to help with humidity i got some decent ones to put in his cage?

Plant #1 Pothos
Plant #2 Wandering Jew
Plant #3 Purple Passion
Plant #4 Dracaena (lemon Surprise )

These are what i bought so far want to ad more but was wondering what to get to add as a main tree like climber in the center of his enclosure.

New enclosure is 18'Deep x 22.5' Wide x 46' high
Thank you all will post pics soon.


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I would get a ficus benjamina and then trim it down so that you can slightly see through it, so there isn't as much vegatation so your cham can climb in it. :)

Here is an example (my 4 foot tall ficus) i trimmed down so you can see through it like that.


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