Plant light question.


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Hi! I am trying to keep my plants alive T-T. I was wondering if this bulb would be okay.
I'm not entirely sure if this is safe, so I wanted to run it by a few of you guys. If it isn't safe are there any other cheap options?
Thanks! -Anna and cranky Alastair
I was also looking at this one but the first one looked better quality.


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ok! Are they all 30 dollars or are there any under that?
So I have been looking at this a lot as I grow plants as well. You are looking at about $1 per watt. That seems to be the break down with savings coming when you buy a 100w system for $85. This doesn't help us little guys much. So just plan on $30 to $40 decide what kind of coverage you want bar, spot, or X pattern. Find what will fit and look the way you want on your cage. Your price difference is only going to vary buy a few dollars so it is not worth worrying about.
Here are some options on my site. I do not sell them they are product links.
In my opinion the Sansi 60w or 70w that are shown are the best bang for your buck, though you have to shell out $50 to $60. But I also have the single bulb type sansi and I am very happy with those as well. If price is a concern start with a single bulb type in a cheap dome light. You can go with 15wats or so and add a second or third as you go and determine more what you need. There are those listed as well.

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Hi! I am trying to keep my plants alive T-T. I was wondering if this bulb would be okay.
The 2 bulbs you linked are relatively low wattage, and as their descriptions indicate, intended for seedlings & greens (close to the ground/plants). For a chameleon enclosure, you need something with enough "oomph" to help plants all the way down the enclosure from—or near—the top.

I have... 4 different kinds of Sansi lights in multiples; the 24W, 36W, 60W, and 70W.
Some are in enclosures, and some are over plant tables. All work wonderfully.

Other things to consider are:
  • Do you need to buy a fixture for the bulb or is it self contained?
  • How many hours are you going to get out of a bulb?
The bulbs you linked are rated for 25,000 Hrs/3 Yrs.
All Sansi lights are rated and warrantied for 50,000 Hrs./5 Yrs.
So when comparing them, double the cost of the lower rated bulb, as you'll have to replace it.

There are also usually coupons available for Sansi lights.
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