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I have a 18 inch square and 30 inch tall cage housing a 3 year old vield chameleon my question is is there a plant i can put in my cage that wont get too big for it
I like the GE reveal bulbs (incandescent). They just look white as aposed to yellowish. I can see the differences in there colors better from across the room better.
Sorry for the double post I was not sure if you where the same person as I thought but I noticed in your other thread that you used a Zoo Med 100w. Is that one of those tight beam ones?

I tried these for awhile but could not get the temperature of the rest of the cage to stabilized. You might try switching to an incandescent for awhile period to see if that helps him out any. I believe those types of lights are more geared for aquariums. They can get one spot real hot with out all the extra side heat and an over heated aquarium. They look like flood lights but the inside construction looked different to me.
On the note of plants I have successfully kept a schefferella abricola in my female's 65 gallon (30"x16.5"x28") reptarium for a year. I did finally replace that and all her plants. She had just eaten them past saving. I did have to prune the top to get it to fit at first. I think the some what sub par lighting helped it stay at that size. I did have to munipulate some of the branches by hooking them to vines to keep it looking good in there for that long. Maybe it could have went a little longer for a veiled that ate a little less vegatation then her.
I tried the ge reveal but it made a burning smell on my heat lamp so i think i might use the edison
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