Plant help. Any advice would be great!


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Recently my largest pothos leaves have started to droop and what seems like wilt. There's also this strange white fuzzy mold appearing on the soil surface. The soil is moist and it sits in front of a window for good sunlight.



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i wouldnt worry too much about the mould until it goes green... there is what seems like a nitrate and/or magnesium deficiency in your plants. the best way to combat this is to add epsom salts to your watering can and also add some natural N.P.K fertiliser


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Awesome, thank you! @Curlytails Is this quote, from a previous post of mine
If you want your pothos to thrive, spray the leaves once a week with epsom salts at 1 teaspoon per gallon with ro water, alternating once a week with 15 - 5- 15 jacks calcium plus at the same mix ratio per gallon of ro water, in between spray branches with ro water!! All the branches will put out roots and it will double in size, any plant will!!
basically what you are taking about?

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The white fuzz in your pot is a problem, I would repot in cactus potting mix synthetic blend or pumice blend, potting mix with regular soil thatdoesn't drain well leades to problems, I use that fertilizer once a week on viv plants when I take my chams out to clean, then rinse them with regular water 15 minutes later, then put back in, also I fertilize with very minimum to avoid dripping at night right before lights out, my chams don't mess with my plants, never have


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Could you recommend a good cham friendly soil? I've been searching and I've repotted this plant before. I want to make sure this amazing pothos thrives.
You want a soil mix that drains well. If the soil sits saturated by the daily misting or dripping you do it will harbor molds and fungi and rot the plant's root system. Pothos can tolerate a lot of this but once a fungus or rot gets started it can kill the plant. You want potting soil that does not contain time-release fertilizer pellets, pesticides, vermiculite or perlite at least on the surface. For some odd reason some chams are attracted to it and may eat it. If you want to improve drainage, perlite will help, but you want to put it in the bottom of the pot, not the top. You can improve drainage other ways...add packing peanuts, pebbles, bark chunks, even pieces of broken clay pots to the bottom of the pot, enlarge the drainage holes, and don't use pot saucers. If you must use pot saucers keep them emptied.

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The white fuzz on the top has permeated through the soil, it is taking all the oxygen in the root zone, bad for plant roots, I use very a very airy potting medium clay balls with vermiculite, growstone or pumice with some chooped coconut coir mixed in the middle to help retain some moisture, and put rocks or screen on top over potting medium around plant after repotting , so cham can not get to it
Yes!! I use 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon of ro water and I use that once every 2 weeks, MAKE SURE YOUR CHAM DOES NOT DRINK THIS!! please!! I take my plants out I have them on hangers or take my chams out, I have extra cages
Awesome, thank you so much! I'll be sure to take extra precautions, and once my little guy gets here hes gonna have a nice big pothos.
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