Pinkie Mice As Feeders


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Hi All,

I was wondering if there's a consensus on whether or not pinkie mice can be occasionally used as feeders for larger chameleon species. I have read mixed things about the topic in the past. Posts and comments seem to be divided into 2-3 categories:

1) Yes. They provide some extra fat and calcium, especially for breeding females (Not sure this is true).

2) No, because animal proteins are bad for chameleons which are - by nature - solely insectivores (Not sure this is true either).

3) Ick, no, you psycho. (Less articulate version of category 2).

It should be noted that I am asking more out of curiosity than the pressing desire to feed rodents. I have a Jackson's anyway, which is nowhere near large enough to eat anything but insects.

It does seem like larger species of chameleons would regularly encounter small lizards and arboreal rodents in the wild, and would certainly snap one up if given the chance, so I have trouble buying the "can't digest animal proteins" hypothesis (though if there's some literature about that somewhere, please send it my way).

Curious to hear the opinions of The Collective. Is it good? Bad? Neutral and thus unecessary?


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Interesting, thanks for the links. So the takeaway message seems to be: "vertebrates can be part of a balanced diet, but don't get carried away." That makes sense, I probably wouldn't live very long if all I ever ate was steak.

I can't say I feel like feeding my jax geckos though, whether they eat them in the wild or not. That sounds like a giant pain.
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