Piggy Chameleon


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My 3 month old veiled chameleon is eating like a pig. I put 15-20 small medium crickets in the morning that are dusted with calcium and reptivite and when i come home from school most are gone....is this normal..Well at least it is better than when he wouldnt eat for 4 days..1 more question...Is it okay for me to feed him mealies.. i found some Fluker farms that are real small that I might try if its okay..
15 to 20 small crickets is totally normal for a veiled that age.
Mealworms will be fine to feed him, but not as a staple food. You can give him a few more a week than you could waxworms, but don't make them his primary diet. I think small zophobas are better. Flukers offers them as well and they are really easy to keep. I keep them in a small rubbermaid tub with about 2 inches of bran flakes, oatmeal and dry gutload mix. I sprinkle some cricket quencher gelatin on the top once or twice a week or apple slices and they do great. I think you can get 500 for about ten dollars.
Remember, the key is to provide as much variety of feeders as you possibly can, so throwing one or the other of these worms into the mix is not a bad idea.

It is so fun to watch the little ones eat so much. I once had a little one that would be on my hand in his cage and eat at the same time....they are so cute!!!
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