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I've had my veiled chameleon for about a month now, and I just feel like his cage is lack luster. I was wondering if you guys could post some pictures of what your enclosure looks like..thankkks


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My Beman's enclosure. It is a Medium Tall Clearside Atrium by Dragon strand.

cage front 6-21-19.jpg


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My enclosure is a bit smaller than I would like, I am upgrading him at the end of next month. But an idea for how the plants should provide cover plus basking branches. I'm going to go in and provide some new basking branches today as well.

If you look real closely you can see Pesto peeking out at the back of the enclosure lol


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I love setting up enclosures! I just setup temporary enclosures for Charlie and Clarice while I wait for their clearside cages to come in.

I added a s. Amate tree to the one on the right, as well as a few more branches and misters.


This is Donnie’s cage, but have since added pitcher plants, bromeliads, aroids, monstera, and a few more birch logs. Its a bit fuller now.


This is Walter’s, but his will be redone similar to Donnie’s sometime next month (building new stands for them all).



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Do any of you guys actually puncture the enclosure to hold up the branches? I haven't yet and sometimes mine fall -.-
I mean my enclosure is screen so I put thumb tacks through the screen for some. But a lot I used fishing wire to loop around sticks with bends in it. Also building a bamboo lattice for the sides of the enclosure really helps to secure more branches across the enclosure


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Making a frame out of bamboo trellis on the sides or using fishing line and tacks as said above would be your best bet. I’ve heard people using magnets as well. If you want to spend some extra money and if your cage dimensions allow it I’d look into dragonstrand ledges.
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