Pico and her crappy week


Poor Pico has had a rough week, as have I. Went to the vet last Tuesday with a swollen back foot. I spent the week stressing about it, and trying to medicate her before going to work in the morning. Picture it, outside in the dark at 6:45 in the morning, penlight in my mouth. Trying to get Pico to open her mouth. Who knew chameleons could purse their lips?
Her foot is looking good now, but then she decides to shed, mostly all in one day. I was home, so I could mist her more frequently. Skin everywhere!
No wonder her colours were dark the day before, and she didn't eat at all I don't think.
Now, we have a heat wave, just to add to the joy of the week. It was over 90 degrees yesterday and today. Yesterday, I took her out of her cage and placed her on a fern in the bathroom, after misting it. She sat at the top of it, until I out her back in her cage, not happy.
Today, I took the plant out of her cage, because it's heavy, and put the whole cage in the bathtub, left the light on. She roamed a little, but didn't eat, and when I put her back outside, she seemed to perk up before going to bed. It's still hot though.
Tomorrow, it's supposed to be a tad cooler, and I'm going out all morning. Do I put her back in the bathroom, or mist heavily and hope for the best. I'll be home early afternoon. I know all this moving around is stressing her out, but I don't want her to get too hot either. This is unusual weather. I have a lot of shade, but haven't set up the MistKing yet, because it's more complicated than I thought,especially to have it outside. Advice welcome!

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