Picky eater!


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My veiled chameleon is about 4 months old and i have noticed he is SUPER picky! I’ve offered crickets (both small and larges thinking maybe it was the size of the crickets that he didn’t like), Dubai roaches, super worms, and horn worms. He hates cup feeding and will usually refuse to eat if I’m anywhere near his cage. I constantly offer him crickets even though i never see him go after them, just in case he’s picking up a few just while I’m not looking. I do see him go after super worms every now in then, but I’ve found that he LOVES hornworms. I love that they give him such a good amount of moisture and calories but i was wondering if a diet with hornworms every day is sustainable and healthy? He will even hunt down the horn worms with me having the cage open and observing so i know he is obsessed, but i want him to be as healthy as possible !


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I wouldn't recommend a strictly hornworms diet. You'll have a lot of Chameleon diarrhea to deal with. The Key is variety. Try mixing up your feeders daily. If husbandry is good he won't starve himself. I've heard of picky eaters in more than 1 species of chameleon. Your little guy ain't to far from the norm.
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