Picky eater!


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I recently figured out Monty would take veggies from my hands as he would bugs.

I'm out of superworms so I gotta find something to offset the crickets because I don't want that to be the one staple food.

I gave him some lettuce pieces small enough/thin enough for him to gobble down and he ate them just fine.

Then he puffed up at the next lettuce piece. So I changed over to a piece of purple cabbage I had in my hand and what do you know? He bites it off of my hand.

Then he hissed at the next piece of purple cabbage.

Soooo I offered him a little carrot sliver in my hand (I had prepared a little weensy salad) and he shot at it.

And then he hissed at the next carrot sliver, so I offered some bugs..

He had enough of the veggies so he ran away to the top of the cage, but as soon as he saw the superworm cup (empty superworm containers make for awesome dusting cups. Put crickets in, close the lid with some cal in there and shake it) he ran down and ate them super quick.

Ay ay ay my boy puts up hissy fits over food.
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