Picky Eater? Or do I have a problem?


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Hiya guys,

I've had my male blue bar ambilobe for 2 years now and his diet has been on gut-loaded crickets, locusts, the odd mealworm and the VERY odd waxworm (i think he's only had 4 in his life!?). Silkworms and other exotic feeders are quite difficult to get hold of in the UK.

Crickets are a nightmare - half of them die no matter how much I gut load them and provide them with heat, bug grub, gel and fresh greens etc... And they bite and stink... AND Roger started to completely ignore them so I decided to knock them on the head and try something different.

I bought dubia roaches and locusts to try him on as a new feeder. He took 2 dubias straight away and loved the new locusts. Then he would only eat the locusts... Then I ran out of those and thought he was going on a hunger strike as the dubia's were new. But he now hasn't eaten for 11 days! I'm getting rather worried - is this normal as it's a new feeder or shall I go back to my old cricket/locust ways?

He's acting perfectly normal and drinking well - so should I be worried? Thoughts please!
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