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I will start with a brief description of my problem and will give details below.

I have been the proud owner of a captive raised male veiled chameleon for about 8 months (chameleon is 16 months old). Since we have had him he has never had a problem eating.. We typically feed him crickets (dusted with vitamin powder) and the occasional super worm for treats.

Recently he's been on an antibiotic and we were worried he was not going to eat so we gave him a few days of super worms. Now he will not even touch his crickets! All he will eat is his super worms and he's being really picky. What should we do?

3 weeks ago he developed a bad burn/skin problem on his side. We took him to a vet and she remarked that he was very healthy and they had never seen a chameleon so large and healthy! She had no idea what his skin problem was and gave us 6 shots of a wide range antibiotic. His skin problem we believe we have under control and his behavior never changed. In fact, without the skin irritation you would never know anything was wrong with him. He's still active climbing his cage and climbing out of his cage onto the curtains (we let him roam around our curtains when we are doing college homework or watching tv.) We also bathe him every 3-4 days to help his skin problem by warming water and letting him sit in a warm water and high humidity for 15 minutes. We also started sitting outside with him on us on sunny days which he really loves.

His cage:

1 mesh square bottom cage 12x12x30 inches.
(Fake vegetation for hiding)
Basking spot of 80-90 degrees. 40w basking bulb approx. 7 inches away.
UVB long bulb (not coil) approx. 7 inches away
humidity 55-70%
That's a really tiny cage for a large adult male veiled ....

You could try offering him something else - silkworms, dubia, flies - they tend to love things that fly. It's better for them to eat more than one or two feeders only.
I agree, that cage is tiny for an adult veild. That is probably why he got burned, not having enough room to move around and getting too close tlo the lights. He should be in a 2 ft X 2ft X 4 ft minimum. I would try some other feeder options also to get him to eat.
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