Picked up some pfefferi and montium


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I have a pair of pfefferi and a pair of montium arriving tomorrow. The seller still has a pair of pfefferi and a couple of pairs of montium left. If you are interested, send me a PM and I can give you the seller's contact info.

I'll post pictures when they arrive.


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Great to hear about both of these fantastic two horned species getting into good hands. Good luck with them, I would love to own both at some point down the line.

I can't wait to see pictures :D


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Well, both pairs arrived today and I am speechless. These are awesome!!! And, as a bonus, it looks like both females might be gravid!

The male montium, in particular, is absolutely stunning. I couldn't get a shot of the female pfefferi, but I'll post glamour shots when they settle in.

pfefferi male
Pfefferi male 07-24-13.jpg

montium female
Montium female 07-24-13.jpg

montium male
Montium male 07-24-13.jpg


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Yeah, it's clear the seller took very good care of them. They are all eating and drinking and they have good body weight.

If anyone is interested, they have at least a pair of each available. I can provide contact info if you send me a PM.

How great to see that someone has given them decent care during their travels!


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Here are some photos of the female montium. It's hard for me to tell if she looks gravid - any thoughts?

Montium female 07-25-13a.jpg Montium female 07-25-13b.jpg Montium female 07-25-13c.jpg Montium female 07-25-13d.jpg
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