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I am currently looking for a picture or two of a dehydrated chameleon. If you have one I could use on the site, I would greatly appreciate it :)
Still on the hunt for some photos that represent symptoms of dehydration. These will be used in an upcoming 'common heath problems' section. Anonymity is an option, just send me a pm or email.


check your mail quota...

Brad - I just replied to your PM but got an error that your box is full. :eek: Let me know if you get it once you clean it out. Would think the forum owner would allow himself infinite space;)
hunting for photos

I am still trying to gather some dehydration related photos. One reason for the delay is that a different format is being used for the 'common health issues' section. I am only looking for quality photos that represent one of the items in the list below. As mentioned in a previous post, anonymity is an option. Members can choose not to be listed under the photo. Photos can be posted here or sent to me via email/pm.

  • general dehydration
  • healthy poop
  • unhealthy poop
  • sunken eyes
  • dry and wrinkled skin (dehydrated)
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