Photo Contest: March 2007

Chameleon Photo Contest: March 2007

  • Votes: 10 11.5%

  • Votes: 4 4.6%

  • Votes: 3 3.4%

  • Votes: 2 2.3%

  • Votes: 4 4.6%

  • Votes: 26 29.9%

  • Votes: 5 5.7%

  • Votes: 10 11.5%

  • Votes: 15 17.2%

  • Votes: 8 9.2%

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Chameleon Photo Contest
:D March 2007
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Win A Gift Certificate To: ... you choose :cool:

1st place: $50 gift certificate :eek:
The winner of this contest may choose a gift certificate to one of the companies listed above. This should give the winner a nice choice of where to use their gift certificate. The certificate can not be split up and used at multiple places. If they prefer, overseas winners may choose a $40 Amazon gift certificate.

How to enter the contest:
contest entry deadline: March 17, 2006
  • To submit your photo, click here.
  • Fill out the form and click submit.
  • You are welcome to change your submitted image anytime before the submission deadline.

Please view the contest rules before submitting a photo. Click here to access the contest rules. The contest rules have recently been updated.

entry deadline: March 17
voting: March 18 - March 31
contest results will be announced on April 2 2007

Please review the contest rules. The photo entry period will be extended if a minimum of 10 valid entries have not been received.

The Chameleon Forums reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. Please check this thread often if you are participating in the contest. Feel free to reply to this thread with questions if you have them.
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The entries so far for this contest are looking great! I think this month will be another close call. For anyone taking photos to enter into the contest, here is a quote of what brad posted in another thread:

Here is an external link that I believe does a good job at explaining what makes a good photograph.

There will be 10 photos that make the member vote this month. This number could change over time. The criteria below will be used in the order given for narrowing down the number of contest entries. Photo attributes such as focus, spacing, and background will be the biggest influence on which photos pass the administrator filter. This new phase will start in the March '07 photo contest. The details of this new phase will most likely be integrated into the official rules before the April contest.

contest rules
Photos need to meet the contest requirements. There may be limitations to who can participate as well; check the contest rules for more details.

photo quality
I prefer sharp photos with the subject in focus. Spacing and the interplay between light and shadow may be of influence.

I prefer a natural background. Excessive showing of unnatural items (including people) may detract from the photo score.

I judge the subject of the photo to other chameleons of the same species. This allows a species without much color to compete with chameleons like panthers.

Brad is always a judge, and the other judges would probably take into consideration similar points when choosing their choices. So by following these guidelines, you can win over at least on judge... now its finding something that both the judge and the public will enjoy.
Today is the last day to enter the March '07 photo contest. Entries will no longer be taken after 11:59 PM CST. As a reminder, there is a new contest phase or process that will narrow the entries down to 10 before the public begins to vote. If you have questions about this new phase in general, please post your questions or concerns in the following thread:

Today is also the last day for contest sponsors to post an incentive for the March '07 photo contest. Any incentives posted for this contest after today will be promptly removed. If anyone has questions on this please post in the following thread:
The Results

The Results​

1st place: lele
Species: Furcifer pardalis
Common: Panther Chameleon
Sex: male
Age: 8 months
name: Cyrus

2nd place: thechurro
Species: Chamaeleo calyptratus
Common: Veiled Chameleon
Sex: male
Age: 7 weeks
name: Samkon

3rd place: Brandy
Species: Chamaeleo dilepis
Common: Flap Neck Chameleon
Sex: female
Age: 2 years

If you are not familiar with how the contest works, please review the [THREAD=102]contest rules[/THREAD].

open member vote
The top ranked photos from the open member voting received the following points:
photo 5 => 5 pts (thechurro)
photo 8 => 3 pts (lele)
photo 0 => 1 pts (FL Chams)
photo 7 => 1 pts (pohchunyee)

judge rankings
We had three judges this month: Will Hayward, chamgirl, and Dave Weldon.
The judges, in no specific order, gave the following rankings:
photo 7 => 3 pts (pohchunyee)
photo 0 => 2 pts (FL Chams)
photo 5 => 1 pts (thechurro)

photo 9 => 3 pts (Brandy)
photo 4 => 2 pts (Todnedo)
photo 0 => 1 pts (FL Chams)

photo 8 => 3pts (lele)
photo 9 => 2pts (Brandy)
photo 0 => 1pts (FL Chams)

point totals
photo 8 - lele: 6 pts
photo 5 - thechurro: 6 pts
photo 9 - Brandy: 5 pts
photo 0 - FL Chams: 5 pts
photo 7 - pohchunyee: 4 pts
photo 4 - Todnedo: 2 pts

The final results this month were very close; there were two ties among the top four entries. With the current system, the entry with more points received from judges wins a tie. I am currently thinking about modifying how ties are handled, but that would not take effect until future contests. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the contest, please create a new thread in the photo contest forum.

congratulations to the winners :) :D
medals have been awarded
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Well done to all the winners:)
Brandy I just want you to know that I think your flap-neck is very beautiful and healthy and reminds me a lot of the one I used to keep. Gorgeous specimen she is.
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