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Has anyone fed his/her chameleon phoenix worms? My vet told me he read an article about them the other day and recommended them. From what I understand, they are very high in calcium. I ordered some online today.
I read about the phoenix worms on this forum last night and my cham needs extra calcium since shes ready to lay eggs and thought it would be a good way to get some calcium in her. So I ordered some last night from Mulberry farms in CA.Its worth a try. I don't know though how many to feed her in a day or combine with crickets.
I attempted phoenix worms...they are very small and VERY wiggly. I gave up on them as they are more of a hassle for a bigger cham....not much more than a tease of a snack especially if you want to free feed. You would probably have good luck with cup feed them. I would definitely mix up the food variety. My daughter feeds the phoenix worms to her tree frog and we also feed them to our bearded dragon and they love them. Mulberry Farms is a great company to deal with. I've been ordering my silkies from them for a few months now and they are always on target. I think the prices are good too. My next attempt will be the roaches.
I tried pheonix worms for Hermie (calcium is a good thing for him).

He zapped it right away with his tonge and immediately began spitting it back out ... and left it half chewed and yucky on his leaf. And never touched another one again.
I've heard that they're high in calcium, but haven't tried them. I've seen them at a show. I know they come in various sizes, and small is ridiculously small. I tend to use butterworms, everyone here loves them, and they're a good source of calcium too.
I have used them and my panther loves them. But they are so small, even the large that they are no more than a treat. I place them in the feeder cup once and a while. Like the marshmellows in lucky charms.
My junvenile Veil loves those Phoenix worms! (The small size is perfect for giving to young Chameleons.) I get them from Mulberry Farms.
They are very convenient to store. No refrigeration needed and odorless. The other benefits are that they are reasonably inexpensive to buy, have very high calicum, and wiggle like crazy would really stimulates my Chameleon to pick that food source over any other food source (which is O.K since they are so loaded with calcium!)

P.S: Just surprised that in the previous posts, some Chameleons aren't interested in them. Maybe it's because you have to start them out young getting aquainted with them.

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