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went to PetSmart to get stuff for my crazy zoo and you know as well as i do you cant help but check out the reptile section to my surprize they had 2 jackson chams 1 male 3 horn and a female her coloring was way off and she was well you can tell she was sickly. Can you beleive they had them in like not even a maybe a 5 gallon tank and also on top off this 2nd shelf from the had to go past them to get to the groomers isle and the pet vet.
tried to talk to manager on floor nothing he took my name and # told him some things basic things. so i made contact with the person they said was manager of that dept she doesnt have a clue like i said weeks have went by today was the first time she was actually on the floor not on break i caught her before she could hide. while she was on the phone gossiping to a friend i think this surely wasnt a work conver i went to check on the female jackson she was as pale as could be she now has an eye prob. i pulled myself together went and waited for about 10 mins for her to finish her and then and no an then again spill told her i was not stalking her or petsmart asked again about adopting and if she has seen the female she said no not since that morning well hubby dont get off of work till 5 she got off the phone around 5:35 so way to go i hope she dont have children there prob out in the car still screaming the tick tac didnt fill us up. So i know i cant save them all i even asked about buying her or foster her till she could get better and she just acted i dont know so hatefull i know she has i job but ...................
whew! first off...

could you use a little punctuation? lol! :p Your post was REALLY hard to read b/c it was like one long run on sentence. I got the gist of it, but really didn't understand the last few "sentences" (lines)

As much as I hate to say it, I am not surprised. There should be a law against chain petstores selling chameleons. The pale color of the female is probably from being overheated in a small glass tank.

My suggestions are to:

1. contact the vet that the store works with and/or a local herp society and ARAV vet. You can find that info by state here: http://Cham Resources

2. call or, better yet, write to the Regional Manager for the store. Be nice, succinct and use full sentences with punctuation ;) Keep a copy of whatever you write

3. as tempting as it is do not buy these animals. As hard as it can be not to, we only encourage them to sell more b/c the folks at the top simply see "chameleons sold" and will continue to sell

4. approach the manager again with some copies of good care sheets and encourage her to read them and make the necessary changes.

good luck

sorry was very mad ranting kinda hard to control temp and grammer at same time. lol southern red head thang momma always told me I had a bad temp. Plus living in the south common gimmie me some love.....Hubby had to hold me back when she told me they do most of there activities during the night.

If I had the REPTILES FOR DUMMIES BOOK ON HAND I prob would have beat the crap out of her with it till she knew each page by heart. Even sent petsmart a nasty gram like thats gonna help through cust service email I know it all goes to spam mail but just maybe someone might read it and get the hint. But like my hubby has told me I cant save them all..... Becca
Response about PetsMart

Hello, I know this is an older thread, but I feel compelled to respond anyway. My Hubby & I shop there when we can't get supplies anyhwere else in town. We now live in deep South Texas but moved here from Las vegas. Every PetsMart we have shopped in have absolutely NO clue about reptile care in general. Every time we have seen any species of Chameleons in those stores, they were very un-healthy. And I too am a Southern Hot Headed Belle....LOL
I have tried logic, advice and printed material handed to managers with no luck. All I can do now is reccommend to friends that they not purchase reptiles from the chain.....EVER. Maybe they'll eventually get the least I hope so for the reptiles' sakes. I can say that we have purchased a few Leopard Geckos from PetCo and they have always been healthy buggers.
Anyway, that's my $1.50.....I believe I went way over 2 cents!

IvorySerpent aka Jess Ivory
reply from petsmart

they still want me come be a customer but to leave reptiles alone....... DUH thats the area I maily shop in...... like thats truely gonna happen in the next news media headlines crazy southern bama chick banned from petsmart that will be me..... becca
Its not just Pet Smart. I see all kinds of stuff. Sometimes I get really mad.Half the time I know more about all the pets in the store then any employe:eek: All pet stores do things that are wrong and will give you bad info. I always see chams cramed in a cage togather and they are all stressed out. I always say the same thing, you guys think that it is cool keeping them like that. Yes it is fine they say. What am i going to do? Get in a big argument with them. Dont get me started with the fish
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