petrified tail?


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My friend has an 8 month old male veiled cham. He was recently injured on his tail. They believe it was due to contact with a cat.

Now the tail looks petrified. It's hard and cannot curl. She's not sure what to do about it. Should she have the hard part of the tail removed? Will it grow back? will it heal on it's own?

He behaves normally. He eats well and is drinking water as usual. He doesn't show any signs of being in pain.

If anyone knows what to do about this, we'd appreciate some advice.
She needs to see a vet. If it's hard and cannot curl, it's likely already necrotic and needs attention before infection has a chance to spread.
The necrotic part can be easily amputated, if necessary, and providing there are no other complications, the cham can live quite nicely without it. No, it won't grow back.
Goes without saying that cats and chams don't mix.
Alright. Thank you! I thought it might be something like that.

Yes, the cat was only a passer by. The poor cham... Oh well. I will let her know.

Thanks again for your reply
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