Pet store cham. ;(

I went to the pet store today and seen a veiled cham. she looks so unhappy. I believe she was digging. She was digging into the corners on the cage and there are barley any plants in there. If anyone is located in the Rockford, IL area "petsmart on state" and looking for a cham please save her. I am going to talk to my husband about getting her but we just got two of them two days ago so it's going to be a little hard. There was also a Jackson cham next to it. he/she looks unhealthy to but I don't no to much about them. I thought I took pics of her/him also but I guess not. ;( I don't understand why they take in chameleons if there don't care for them correctly. :confused:


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Send the company a detailed, respectful email. But also post on their facebook page. Message them on Twitter.

I think a private letter with a well reasoned discussion coupled with some public humiliation is the best chance to effect some positive change.
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