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Probably like all of you, I am growing more and more fascinated by my young chameleon. However, it’s becoming quite irritating that he is always asleep or on his sleeping branch by the time I get home. Coupled with my daughter playing travel soccer, I hardly ever get to see my guy move at all, or eat, or drink. Does anyone have a web cam or something like that in there enclosure. I would love to be able to check in on him and see him do something throughout the day. If anyone has a model they could suggest that would be awesome. I’m most concerned with field of view and pic quality. Thanks


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If you want a camera in the enclosure you would need something water-proof like a gopro or similar due to misting. If you want to set something up outside the enclosure look into a Pet Cube. Its a little pricey but the video quality is great and you can access the video feed from any smart phone.

Theres probably less expensive options out there. I would search home security cameras or streaming webcams.


You can get a YI dome camera on Amazon for about $40-50 . You can control it from phone to move it anyway you want.
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