shes preggo to the max...did she mate or are these infertile eggs?

she looks healthy
might try leaving her in a bigger bin with sand/soil

or if time has passed to far ,then might need a vet.

but overall she doesnt look weak, just fat:p
It's been just over a week... is it time for a vet?

i wouldnt know by experience since i havent owned a female (yet), you can base it on how long she's been gravid or if you think she is too big to wait for her to lay on her own. can get an x-ray first to see whats up

ther are some signs that she is ready to lay like , loss of appetite, in the low area of cage, starting to dig, etc.

hope for the best
I went out and bought a big thing for mine to dig in the sand (1 foot of sand, and about another foot of wall so she cant get out) and she stayed in there with this horrid brown color...

After a week or so of her diggin on the floor like a mad woman, and sleeping on the floor... we finally put a dirt container inside her cage which she started digging in the next day..
George and me, your female might be at serious risk of becoming eggbound and dieing...

Those eggs are quite noticeable on her sides above her legs.
How long has she had those eggs showing like that?
And how long would you say she has been gravid with infertile eggs?

I hope you come right with her and she ends up laying the eggs.

I have seen eggbound females go from being fine one week then drasticly start crashing the next...
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