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I know that there's a few that live in around Houston, TX. Maybe someone can pass it on.

Patty's Kritter Sitter is open for business! No pet too big or too small, I love them all! Hi my name is Patricia Smith. I've been around all sorts of pets since I was a little kid. I have 15+ years pet sitting all different types of pets! Right now I can take in small animals and reptiles, dogs and cats would have to be on a weekend basis only. As soon as we move to a better place I should be able to bring in dogs and cats.

Good morning...

Haven't reposted this in awhile. But noticed that there are skme more members in Houston.

I'm offering Overnight Pet Sitting/ House Sitting in Houston, Tx. Dont look at the price up top, Price is neg. If you need a Pet Sitter/ House Sitter just txt me at (915)920~0726

Thank you for looking!
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