patiently waiting...


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ok, not so patiently waiting... tho I can't expect much, b/c I just paid for a young cham, and I want him here already... :p
I ordered a young male ambilobe, and he should be here on Tuesday. ::sigh:: 4 days to go... I can't wait. I have wanted a panther for SO long, and finally will be getting one. His cage is all set up & I've obsessively made sure that everything is set for his arrival. I've missed having a cham SO much, and I'm really excited that I am finally in a place to get one again :D
Ok, sorry, just had to share the excitement.
He's not late, I just bought him late on Friday, so he cannot be shipped till Monday, so he won't he here till Tuesday... That's the downfall of weekend purchases.
He's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He finally arrived =) And he looks great. Thanks Tyler!!
He spent the day acclimating, eating, drinking, and basking.
I put up 2 pics of him in my gallery - one from right when I got him (he refused to let go of my hand, he was so scared. The second after food, water, time & basking. :D
Nice Panther, I'm happy for you. All you need to do now is to fatten her up a bit, I'm sure she'll make a wonderful pet. Congrats. :)
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