Partitioning off a 260gal mesh enclosure for a 4-6mth. veild, what are your thoughts?


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Hey everyone!!

How would you set up a 260 gallon mesh enclosure for your cham? It is 29x29x72 ! So not too wide or deep, but really tall!!!! i think my baby will love it!

Now i know many of you are thinking, that is WAY WAY too big far a 4-6 mth old veild. And i would say that you are right. My question is how much area of the tank should i partition off for her? and idealistically how should i set it up? Right now she is in a small 20 gallon fish tank with a mesh top, uv strip liht and ub compact flourscent light and basking lamp. Also, now that i am going to have a large volume of area beneath her, should i put in a humidifyer at the bottom of the 6 ft enclusure to keep up humidity?

or maybe the easiest thing would be to just leave her in the 20gal aquarium for now?!

what are your thoughts?

Thank you in advance for your imput!
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