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Discussion in 'General Photography' started by Action Jackson, May 18, 2017.

  1. poison

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    What's the life span on these guys?
  2. leedragon

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  3. AZChamFan

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    I really wish all Parson's owners would quit posting videos and pictures of their chams - I want one badly enough as it is!!!:(:mad::(

    Seriously though - wonderful cham and great video!!!
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  4. leedragon

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    15-20 years I belive.
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  5. It all depends on care but they can live a long time.
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  6. AZChamFan

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    One of the many reasons that the decision to take one of these magnificent chameleons into one's care cannot be taken lightly. I hope the fact that the prices are coming down so much on these does not work against them. For now I will just continue drooling over pics and videos!!!:)
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  7. poison

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    Wow. had no clue they lived so long.
  8. I absolutely agree. Parsonii are unique and amazing creatures and careful thought should be taken before acquiring one. The drop in price which will come if people are successful hatching them will no doubt lead the the demise of many. My goal as a Breeder for is to put the most robust babies into the hands of new keepers and hope they take the care and time it take to properly care for them.
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  9. CharlieCharmingo

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    Do you ever think there is one moment when zipping through the air that the bugs are like "wtf" lol.

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