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i just mixed up a batch of parazap . this stuff is to treat animals for parasites . i think sonic may have some.

has anyone used this on chameleons ever ? or heard of using it on a chameleon? on the instructions it is safe to use on lizards its a all natural mix of plants and herbs etc.
I don't use I have no comment about it.

I normally take a sample in so that the vet can do a fecal. This will sometimes have to be done more than once in case the parasites aren't shedding. The fecal will determine what parasites the chameleon has and the vet will know what medication to use to get rid of that particular parasite.

If you just use something without getting a fecal done, you may not kill off all the parasites...and you won't know if the chameleon even really had/has parasites.

Why do you think sonic has parasites?
i think he has parasites because his hunger strikes seem to be more frequent and they are lasting more time. he,s strong as hell but he dont seem to be eating enough and i think he might of lost some weight.

one of the things on my new supply list is a digital scale with a tar feature.

this stuff has a dose of 2x a day for 2 weeks and you can give it to them for 5 days for maintenence. i emailed them at parazap about a dosage and they said i could give him as much as he usually drinks. they say in 4-6 days his appitite should get better.

he seems healthy i mean he bit down on the plastic syringe and pulled it out of my hand.maybe i will have some info about this parazap people use it for bearded dragons etc.
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