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Anyone out there that has any recommendations as to the different panthers cham, blue v.s savanna LLL reptile having a big sale on them , not sure if that is the place to go thanks Denise


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It really depends on what you're looking for? Do you want a red Cham? Or blue? Or green? There are so many combinations to choose from. Find one with pics of the sires from both sides and you'll have a general idea of what you'll end up with.

I know that none of this probably helped you, but that's all I got... ;)

Tanner Grisak

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All personal preference really. As far a lll goes I have seen great reptiles come from them but 75% of their chams I've seen from them are in very pour condition upon arrival. Pay good money for your Cham direct from a breeder, it'll be worth it trust me.
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