Panther sizes?


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Just popped into pet shop to get my veiled's food and saw some panthers. One of them was literally about an inch big.

Is that a standard size for babies or could this one be a bit poorly. Looked abit weak aswell :/

Any thoughts?


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Could be that he is just unhealthy, but also could be that someone sold him to the pet store way too soon and he is just very young..


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I wouldn't get one that small, especially if it looks a little weak. It was probably sold to a pet store at a very young age and is therefore more likely to have problems or fail to thrive.


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This particular one looked as if it was yawning constantly. Possibly a breathing problem? It literally looked like it had just hatched, bulging eyes and walking like a drunken huntsman!

I wan't going to buy one, but my female veiled is pregnant and I spoke about selling her babies to them. I was a bit concerned about selling to them but I think it is probably like you said, sold too young.
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