Panther Male Behavior

Ever since i came back from a recent vacation after having my brother watch my 10 month old Panther, he has been acting well more active and will not eat!! I noticed he recently dropped a sperm thingy. Have been trying to feed him his calcium and vitamin dusted food but he just wont eat, or eats very little of the superworm, crickets, dubai and horn worm offered. Right now he is crawling around this computer desk as I type due to wanting to be more active. He use to NEVER want out! Such a change in behavior, going from hating me to please let me out i want to play!! Is this common as they maybe mature sexually??


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Totally normal. All chams eat less as they mature. At this age all male chams have their hormones kicking in and begins to drive them to explore their world and find a mate. That’s why he wants out of the cage so much.
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