panther eggs possibly almost ready to hatch?


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So i have had no luck finding any answers elsewhere so thought you guys can help, i have a clutch of nosey be panther eggs almost at there 7 month mark in incubation and i have noticed some changes. there still big and plump but some eggs have some spots that look a little see through, more blackish then the egg itself, and they have had these stretch marks since they were like 4 months but now they seem a lot larger and i have one egg that seems as if a piece of the outer layer has chipped off the egg? i know that they sweat right before they hatch and i know its coming close for them to hatch but i havent been able to find answers on what exactly the eggs will do right before they sweat.. is this normal or should i be worried? i havent touched or moved the eggs and they stay at temps around 68-70 at night and rise about 3-5 degrees during the day, my female laid them in jan so it was colder so the temps where a little colder for the first 3 months. this is my first clutch of eggs and im sure ill learn over time but right now i want to make sure there all okay so i would love some advice :) should i be looking forward to babies soon?


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When the eggs near hatching they should have marks on them that look "thinner", shrink, sweat and then split open at one end.
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