Panther Egg looking diffrent?


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HI I have been incubating panther eggs in HatchRite for about 7 months now and I recently noticed a few of the eggs look diffrent after adding a few drops of water. Can any one tell me why this is thanks
If the eggs are changing their appearance after 7 months, I would say they are about to hatch. Look for the split in the end of the egg but don't open the container too often (if you can contain your excitement). You dont want to make the eggs dry out and not hatch after waiting all this time. Check once a day to see if there are any "little turds" curled up in there.
When the eggs get close to hatching, they are supposed to shrink in size, sweat and get marks (windows) on the shell which I think is a thinning of the shell so that the chameleon can hatch easier.

Hey well thanks for the heads up I'll check on them in few days!!! But for now I'm gonna wait and see what happens.
your egg looks like its ok.. just be sure not to over moisten it.. if you at the 7 month mark youll be expectining any day now... i have 18 eggs incubating right now my self..good luck
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