Panther egg issue


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I have never had eggs before, so this is my first attempt at it. I noticed this green growth on 1 of my eggs. These were laid in the beginning of October. I am assuming it might be mold? The egg itself looks healthy though. Should it move it to a separate container so it does not infect the other eggs or should I leave it be? Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



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People are going to have mixed feelings about this but personally I would just carefully wipe it off and try to put the egg back exactly how it was before. Try not to rotate the egg! :)


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Only one thought (thank you by the way)? Maybe I should post a picture of my big chameleon eating an anole :) Muhahahaha Should get more views lol


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wipe it off, if it comes back, a low concentration of h2o and hydrogen peroxide can be used to sterilize it that rinse it with water. Just be careful with this as you can compromise the integrity of the egg.

wiping it off might work though.. and thats much easier.

Most of the time my bad eggs grow a white fuzz all around the egg, not just a green growth on one side. Could have been something on the egg or in the medium.
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