Panther eating dirt and ignoring crickets


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I am having two problems and I am guessing they are related. I am having trouble supplementing because my cham is ignoring the crickets in hes enclosure, loose or in a cup. I have been taking him out so he can get some sunlight but he goes down to the base of the plant and moves the rocks around to get at the dirt.

Any advice on supplementing or mineral supplement that he can eat, "Chameleon Dirt" if you will.

Not sure how to get the calcium powder into him without the crickets. I have been giving him silks with the powder on them and superworms (the powder won't stick)


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Sounds like behavior of a female chameleon. You sure you have a boy?

Can we see some pics? Also what's the age of your chameleon?

Welcome to my world! It's been a pain in the *** but I think I've found the solution. From searching I think that using repashy calcium plus all in one will stop the dirt eating! I'm starting to believe my male panther enjoys eating dirt more than bugs. I've orders the repashy but have not started using it yet! I'll keep you updated.

I also have a question.. Is there something we can add to a chameleons gut load to stop this?

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I feel like if you just covered the dirt this wouldnt be a problem. I just spread a paper towel across the base of my plant and my cham has never even been near the base of the plant.
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