Panther Chameleon Eye Problem


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Hi, I have taken my chameleon to the vet about three times now. Two different hospitals. Still no actual diagnosis. He started out having huge bubbles under his eyelids which is apparently how they attempt to push debris out. This has been happening since June, it's the end of September now. He has no other issues with feeding or breathing or anything. He is just uncomfortable and it's obvious that something is wrong in his eye. The doctor said he flushed out behind his eyes and got a lot of stuff out but he cannot figure out the root of the problem. Not sure if anyone here has had the same issue. I can attach a picture of both eyes, it is obvious which one is having the issue now. It looks like there a film of mucus or a covering over the cornea.


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They havent given drops or anything to treat it? Can you fill out the cham care sheet so we can get a better idea of his setup, care and so forth? I have a similar issue but my chams eye doesnt look that bad yet

Its hard to say without the info but if i had to take a guess i would say over or under supplementation. What supplements do you use/give and how often?
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