Panther chameleon colors


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I'm a new owner of a male panther chameleon (2 1/2 months old) and first off I had some quesions about his "baby" colors. Right now when he sleeps he turns nearly White (tho some times I notice a hint of red) I know they have "sleeping" colors. but do those stay the same or change as he grows?

also I know they get more colorfull as they grown, but how does it work? do they just keep getting more color, or do they reach a age that they have MAX color, (if so about what age is that?) or do they reach a peak then start to lose there color past a certain age?

already I love just watching this dude change colors and eat crickets and do chameleon stuff! so farI 've noticed he goes light blue (right befor he sleeps and some times when he's just chillin), redish (mostly on the underside) when he's starled, urban camo (gray black and white) when he's stalking around and at other times, and varying shades of blue bars


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The males become more colorful as they get older and generally have their adult coloration by 2 years old. The females also get more colorful, just in more subtle ways. the females may get hints and speckles of bright colors along their cheeks, body, limbs, and tail. they may become peachy or pink or even tan. The males usually become brighter colors like red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, etc. The coloring depends on genetics though. They dont usually get duller unless they are geriatric, ill, or about to shed.

Sleeping colors change as they change.


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thanks just the info I was looking for, and if he looks any thing like his dady or grand dady (mom's side) I'll be over joyed!
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