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I have a panther chameleon named Rango like the movie he is all green and blue with orange radiation around the eyes. He is 7 months old, and he was sick when i bought him he had a bone desiease in his mouth and an eye infection at one point in time. I took him to the vet and they percripted him fortase and now he is very play full,and so vibratly colored, but i hope everyone can give me there in put on what i should do because his stool is coming out white and soft at first then it gets crusty and hard. I call my local vet and they told me it could be paisites form his food. Im very worried about him. i will have pictures of him on here as soon as i can.:(


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please post pics

and maybe fill out the "ask for help form" in the health clinic section

what you described sounds maybe like a sperm plug rather than could be he is growing up:p

but to make sure post pics and follow the ask for help structure when giving info of your cham and overall husbandry:)
thank you for directing me and my chameleon in the correct path. I thought that he was growing up fast! :p and i hope you have wonderful day.
your cham looks nice, but i was referring too what the nasty thing came out of him :)

get pics of what came out and maybe clearer pics of what your enlcosure looks like, and again to fill out the form

you will learn alot here and aloot of knowledgable and nice people are on here:D
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