panther Cham Poop advice please

Definitely needs water. when he gets some water in him, you may need to get him to eat something that flies to get him used to eating at his new place. Mine wouldn't eat for the first week until I caught a live fly for each. Then they ate everything.
I wish I could help but I know nothing about this subject :( Following this post though as I'm also interested in learning about how stress affects the urate.

I really hope you can figure out what's wrong with your chameleon :love:
how the stress show up in the urate? (first time i ear about this but interesting)
More mucus is usually a sign.
But from what my doc told me, another sign is the coloration (which is why I said SOMETIMES the urate shows, cuz you can’t always use this test).
If the color is an orange, pink, or red and there’s no mucus strains in the mouth indicating dehydration, there’s a sign of stress, or some obvious internal issue going on.
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