Panther Cage Size

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Well since Tyler like MADE me buy a female Nose Be panther from him :p I am going to get a new set of cages as I am going to also be getting a male at the next show I go to down in Anaheim this September. So my question is what is the most common size used by breeders? I want to have a nice uniform look to them all because once I get into my new place so I want the reptile room to look nice and neat. SO, for a female is a 16”x16”x30” acceptable and 18”x18”x36” ok for a male? If not, what do you guys suggest?
I use 18x18x36's for the female, but a 16x16x30 should be okay. For adult males, a 24x24x48 is absolutley recommended!(THIS IS WHAT i USE)

18x18x36 is pretty standard for the females and 24x24x48 for the males.
LLL Reptile supply has good cages and Tyler at blue beast also.
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