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Tanner Grisak

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Ive owned this ambilobe panther for about two weeks now and would like to see if y'all can help me out with about how old this guy is. I know that they all grow at different rates and as adults the weight and length will differ for most chams. I also know I'll never really know exactly how old he is but I know some of y'all have a ton of experience with panthers and maybe you could chime in and help out. He weighs 125g and he is 14.5"


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He is full grown yo. Id say at least a year by the lenght. Id say maybe 2 years but that weight tells me his has not "filled out" yet.


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My lil man is 110 grams and is now and is approaching a year old (end of July he'll be a year). He was a bit malnourished when I received him and had MBD issues (long resolved now) so I don't expect him to become a behemoth lime some of the Chams on here. He's just perfect the way he is. What a beautiful specimen by the way!
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