Panther Acting Very Weak. Please help!!

I use the Repashy Calcium Plus in the winter months when I cant take my guys outside. Months when we do get outside time I use the Repashy Calcium Lo D with no problems.
So I've been using the Calcium Plus every other feeding sometimes less. I've done it like this for almost two years now and he has been great. So are you saying that it is fine the way I am doing it? Also, there was a period I think his other T5 5.0 reptisun bulb went bad and I didn't replace it. I think that this the cause of his current state. Im going to do anything to get him healthy again.

Note: Currently he has a Arcadia T5 12% as mentioned above but I think that this is probably to strong even though many people say that this bulb is fine for enclosures that are 2x4x4, like mine.
Has very little to do with the enclosure, species and foliage density determine what uvb you use.
Okay I understand that. And I have alot of foliage like 5-6 plants in there at least. But that's why I got this bulb in the first place because it's 4 feet tall and when you add alof of foliage then it's fine. However, he's not traveling a ton to seek shade so I'm worried he is getting to much and possibly getting hurt from it. I ordered the 6% just in case though. I was using a T5 HO 5.0 reptisun before and that worked good but I added more plants so I thought it would be better to have the stronger one.
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