overweight or bloated chameleon?? help pls:)

Zucchini Cham

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this is zucchini. she is a six month old veiled cham.
she looked slightly bloated about a month and a half ago so i cut back on her diet a bit. she was having ten small/medium crickets and a few spinach and kale leaves daily and i cut it down to six or seven small/medium crickets, some kale and spinach and the occasional few meal worms. (she is very picky so she wont eat have too much of a variety in her leafy greens)
she started looking slightly bloated again. am i feeding her too much? is she actually bloated or is she normal? i dont want her to feel uncomfy or anything (although she hasnt really shown any signs of discomfort)


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So this thread may have gone a little haywire with the whole poop emoji thing but op, I would set up a lay bin asap 12x12 is good14x14 is better, I heard they like to lay in the corners. Start tracking her weight and feeding her dusted crickets every other day... The more you feed her the more she may lay and the more it will take a toll on her body. Be careful she doesn't get egg bound there is a great blog here on egg laying for veiled chams by I believe @jannb and hopefully all goes well!
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