over feeding ....


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Is there such thing as over feeding a chameleon?
My 3month old veiled is eating about 20 crickets a day ....is that too much?

I'm not sure if there's a limit ....


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Yes, like any reptile they can be overfed.
The first 6-8 months of life is spent growing to maturity and during this time almost all intake goes into growth, but feeding should be slowed down after this point.
If its quite small crickets your lizards feeding is fine. :)

Note: if its a female it will serve you well to monitor its weight/growth regularly and try to acheive a slow steady growth,
more so than males.


From what I have heard that is way too much for a chameleon to be eating. I think when they are that age they only need about 12 a day, max. Get input from more people, though. It will also save you large amounts of money.


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im having trouble with my 4 month old panther eating more than 3. you should be lucky. There is such thing as over feeding but if i understand correctly they need the food to help them grow


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I usually feed hatchlings/young chameleons as much as they will eat in a couple of minutes at each feeding.

You should be able to see if your chameleon starts to get fat and realize that you need to cut back.
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